5 Healthy Living Tips

Are you on a mission to be healthier? These 5 healthy living tips are for y-o-u:

1) Choose a healthy breakfast
∞Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Starting your day with a full and nutritious breakfast will do wonders for your metabolism.

2) Drink lots of water
∞We know that drinking a lot of water throughout the day is important. Make it a habit to drink at least a gallon of water a day. A gallon a day is the healthy way =D.

3) Try new foods / beverages
∞It’s helpful to be open-minded about trying new foods and drinks, healthy ones, of course. Trying new foods / beverages will help keep your healthy lifestyle exciting. Consider getting your daily dose of water a day by drinking unsweetened tea or fruit infused water! Or, consider getting your daily dose of veggies with cold press juice!

4) Spend time in the kitchen
∞There is a better sense of appreciation when you prepare a nutritious and delicious dish. It’s helpful to have confidence in the kitchen and preparing a meal so that healthy options are available.

5) Have a grocery store plan
∞Never go to the grocery store without a plan. It’s helpful to take your time navigating through the grocery store and choosing all the right items. Tip: Go during times when it’s not busy…for example, Thursday evening =D.

Be well,

PS: Don’t forget you can always get trim with Jenn 🙂 

About trimwithjenn

My blogging goal is to give you at least one health, fitness and / or wellness tip!

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