The Best Face Moisturizer

I have to give a big shoutout to my good friend, Colleen, who introduced me to tips and tricks of skin care. Colleen really influenced me to take better care of my skin and to be more mindful of sun damage. Without her tips and skin care knowledge, I’d be on a road to aged skin and looking older, instead of younger 😦 !

Thankfully, Colleen saved a handful of years on my face and introduced me to Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream. After a long haul of trying various face creams and talking about each one with Colleen, she recommended Olay Regenerist Micro- Sculpting cream.

Within the first few days I noticed a big difference in my skin. It looked refreshed, hydrated and more firm. My skin felt noticeably more firm within the first week and that’s something I didn’t feel with other creams.

I can’t forget to add that using Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream allowed me to be totally confident make-up free. The pic used in the blog post is me only wearing mascara {Diorshow}. Talk about an awesome benefit of taking care of your skin, confidence! 

The only downside of Olay Regenerist Micro- Sculpting cream is the price point {about $25 for the ‘large’ jar}. However, the large jar {which is actually small} lasted me three months. So even though it is pricey, a little bit does go a long way and it’s pretty great.

Couple a great moisturizer with a great daytime SPF cream and you’re good to go 😉


PS: Don’t forget you can always get trim with Jenn 🙂 

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