My Current Breakfast Obsession

For many, many, many months oats were my designated breakfast option. Now, avocado is my new go-to food for breakfast. Every morning I look forward to having avocado toast because it’s so dang delicious & nutritious!

Did I mention how nutritious avocado is for you? Let me begin by saying avocados are packed with good fat {which helps you build lean muscle} along with a ton of vitamins {vitamin K, E, B5 & B6}, potassium and fiber. & I’m only touching the avocado nutrition facts, folks. Avocados are amazing for you, that is all.

I enjoy my avocado toast mid-morning with a cup of tea. Since avocados are packed with nutrients, I get full really quick. I won’t be hungry for a good three hours after eating avocado toast. Also, you can smear the avocado! If you’re looking for a quick and filling breakfast item then try avocado toast. Fun fact: I get our avocados at Walmart because they are $0.55 compared to Publix’s $o.99 per an avocado. An avocado a day can get pricey if you’re not careful!

Here is how I make avocado toast:

You will be presently surprised with how full you will feel!

Be well,

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