Puppuccino is Real

Nikki Blackketter {one of my fitspitations} gave her doggie pals a puppuccino in one of her YouTube videos. I didn’t even knew this sort of thing existed until recently. Naturally, I Googled it.

Puppuccion is a real ‘secret menu’ item at Starbucks. It’s a great little treat for your dog pal and it’s nothing short of sweet. A puppuccino is a cup of whipped cream :P. Pretty awesome, huh. Jayden enjoyed her first puppuccino this afternoon and she thoroughly enjoyed the treat. I didn’t let her finish the entire cup of whipped cream because I felt like that would be mega fattening for her {she’s on a bit of a pup diet}. None the less, she enjoyed it.

If you are bored {like I was} then take a little trip to your nearest Starbucks and treat yourself & your doggie pal to a little something 🙂 .

Keep shining,

PS: Don’t forget you can always get trim with Jenn 🙂 

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