How Yoga Entered My Life

When I started my new health and fitness journey {about three years ago} I quickly learned that stretching was my new best friend. Hitting the gym hard and being super active will cause your muscles to tighten {…b/c that’s the goal} and your body will ask you to stretch. Pay special attention to your body all the time but especially when it’s asking you to stretch.

Stretching will allow your muscles to recover and to become stronger. You will feel relieved when you start to stretch a tight muscle. Well, at first, it may feel a little uncomfortable but before long the tension will release.

It didn’t take me too long to add stretching in the form of yoga to my fitness routine. The basic movements such as plank, triangle or downward dog released so much tension. It became clear that yoga was a new necessity for my life as a source of a deep stretching but as a source of clarity.

& that is how yoga entered my life. All thanks to my body telling me to stretch. If you’ve never been to a yoga class then I encourage you to YouTube a few yoga flows to check it out!

Peace, love and yoga

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4 Responses

  1. So true. Yoga changes everything. Amazing how the stretch only makes you more powerful in the gym itself.
    If muscle development is caused by muscle tear and repair, I would love to look at how yoga impacts the way a muscle rips before rebuilding. Just a thought.
    Great to see others taking a rounded approach.

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