Juicing for Health!

You guys, juicing is the bomb.com!

If you want to kick up your healthy lifestyle then add juicing to the mix. You can pick up cold-pressed juice at any supermarket these days, or pop by a local juicing shop. My BF and I love to juice and we invested in a cold-pressed juicer a few years ago. The cold-pressed juicer we have can be found here.

You’ll want to choose a cold-pressed juicer over any other juicer. The cold-pressed juicer has a slower motor so it won’t ‘burn up’ the nutrients. You’ll get the max juicing benefits with a reasonable cold-pressed juicer.

There are many benefits to juicing:

  • Surefire way to get your greens
  • A good way to mix up your health routine
  • A nice way to try new veggies
    • For example, we don’t eat beets on the regular but we regularly juice them
  • Your body absorbs more of the nutrients when in the juice form
  • Juice is easier for your body to digest
  • Helps with hydration
  • Improves sleep
  • Good for your brain
  • Natural and safe detox
  • & much more!

We have two go-to recipes that we always juice. Occasionally, we will juice a random third one, but these two listed below are thee recipes we choose to juice. The fun thing about juicing is that you can add as many of whatever ingredient you want. Do you really love the taste of ginger, then add as much as you want!

Below are our juices with recommended quantities for each item.

Sweetheart Beet

  • Apples (Apples will be a big part of your recipe)
  • Beets (moderate amount)
  • Carrots (mild amount)
  • Lemon (very mild amount)
  • Ginger (very mild amount)


Green Machine

  • Cucumber (moderate amount)
  • Kale (moderate amount)
  • Lemon (very mild amount)
  • Apples (moderate amount)
  • Celery (moderate amount)


Enjoy this little video on juicing {& you’ll get to meet my boo}

Stay healthy,

PS: You can get trim with Jenn 🙂 

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