Fabletics Product Review

Fabletics is an active wear clothing line that is co-founded by Kate Hudson. If you’re on Facebook, then you more than likely have seen the advertisements for the line. I’ve been wanting to try the line for a while. When I got a gift card from my brother, I was pretty stoked.

The clothing line is a little expensive, especially if you’re not a member. If you are a member then you get to choose an outfit monthly for $25 (for the first month). Shipping is free if you spend $49 or more. I never signed up to be a member because the pricing just seemed a little odd to me. I couldn’t tell if I was spending $25 a month for an outfit and then $50 the following month.

When I used the gift card, I was looking at non-member pricing which is significantly more than member pricing (that’s clearly intentional). I spent $69 for a pair of capris, a bra, and a vest / jacket.

The sizing overall is a little odd… I got an XS pant that was fit to my measurements but wished I purchased a S {so, it was cut a little too small}. The vest was a S but wish I ordered an XS {so, that was too big} and the S bra fit fine. The pants had the most support and the bra didn’t offer a lot of support {…which I need}. The vest is cute but just a little too big. I could’ve returned the items but I honestly didn’t want to fiddle with it all.

As mentioned earlier, I used a gift card to make the purchases. Ordering online with a gift card was super complicated. I ended up calling the support line to place my order quicker. Tracking and delivery was just fine.

I wore the pants a lot…until I was at the gym and noticed there was a small hole in the booty. …Now, I wear the holy-pants {& the low support bra} at home since the hole isn’t really visible until I bend. I don’t really wear the vest {unless I play tennis and that hasn’t happened in a hot minute}.

Overall, in my opinion, it’s not totally worth the hype. Sure, the outfits are super cute and Kate Hudson does a killer job selling the clothes in print. To me, it’s just not worth the money. Especially, after getting a hole in my pants and being underwhelmed with the rest of the pieces. If I’m going to

If I’m going to splurge on exercise clothes… I’d want to get my hands on Lululemon, CALIA, or Nike. I like to buy my exercise clothes on sale because I tend to ruin my exercise clothes from spilling supplements on myself {lol} to getting super dirty.

I learned a long time ago that having cute exercise clothes won’t build your muscles. What helps you lose weight and tone up is hard work and dedication

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  1. I’ve been hearing quite a bit of negative feedback about Fabletics. It seems like a lot of people are not understanding the repercussions of getting the first outfit for $25 and are shocked when they get billed every months afterwards. Regardless, the steep price keeps me away 😀 Still, it was super nice of your brother to get you a gift card from them!

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  2. I like fabletics clothes to just wear around the house I’ve noticed the sport bras do zero for supporting the girls. And I also had a hole in my first pair of pants as well! I have a disgusting obsession with Nike products and I think I’ll keep it that way!

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