Boulder Shoulders, 100 Abs & Mini Grocery Haul!

…that’s a long blog title! This video below has all the info 🙂

I tend to stand a little taller when I finish a shoulder workout… you know… boulder shoulders.  The video shows a snippet of today’s shoulder workout but the list below is the complete workout. Remember, you should always stretch and warm up your body before exercising!

*Boulder Shoulders:

I gave away my little abs ‘secret’ {it’s not really a secret} here on YouTube. I call them 100 Abs {not orginial}. Basically, I complete 100 abs exercises a day but if my abs are sore then I’ll rest them. Basically, I should always feel tight in my mid-section. The ab routine performed in this video is listed below:

100 Abs

  • 25 Spell casters
  • 25 One side v-ups
  • 25 Other side v-ups
  • 25 Traditional crunches

**Fun fact about abs: only worry about doing a bunch of crunches if you’re eating healthy. It’s an uphill battle to try to get abs & eat dirty.**

I hope you enjoyed this blog & vlog!

Stay fit,

PS: You can get trim with Jenn 🙂 

*Always choose a weight that is good for you when strength training. Consider starting out with moderate weight and 10 reps per a set, 3 sets of each.

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