Meet Jax!

So, my weekend was insanely busy but beyond worth it.  My BF and I brought home our newest addition, Jax!

Jax is an 8-week Weimaraner and he’s incredibly cute. We’ve been wanting to get another Weim for a very long time. Our 4-year-old Weim, Jayden, could use a friend. So, we searched long and hard for a blue, male, Weimaraner and we stumbled upon an awesome breeder in Starke, FL. After waiting a long 8-weeks, we finally got to pick up our little Jax this weekend!

I know this isn’t on the topic of health and fitness but I had to formerly introduce Jax since you’ll be seeing more of him!

Here’s a fun little video of Jax’s first 24-hours with his new fam 🙂

with puppy love,

Jenn, Jayden & Jax

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