Healthy Dinner Idea!

I saw a super similar pineapple dish on social media the other day and thought it looked super cool. The original recipe needed some healthier edits and like 5 less steps {too many steps and it’s overwhelming for me haah}. Although I can’t claim the idea of this dish, the recipe was created in my kitchen {& it’s super simple}.

Oh, and the presentation of this dish is everything. The secret recipe: it’s easy! So, you’ll wow your guests but not go crazy in the kitchen.

Teriyaki  Pineapple Chicken with Brown Rice

  • Step 1: Start boiling water for the rice. I used boil in a bag brown rice.
  • Step 2: Cut pineapple*
    • I cut food like a caveman and less like someone who spends time in the kitchen {I blame it on being left handed}. *So these directions may be
      • Place your knife in the middle of the pineapple to cut one-half vertically {the half bottom half}. Repeat to the top half.
      • It will split down the middle but may need some elbow grease on the top part.
      • Remove the core of the pineapple and scoop  / hollow out the middle.
        • Place the cut-out pieces in a small skillet and place on low heat to heat up.
  • Step 3: Place chicken tenderloins in a lightly oiled skillet and cook on medium heat {I used EVOO}.
    • To make this healthier cook without spices and seasoning {sauce comes at the end}
    • Cook until tender and no longer pink in the middle
  • Step 4: Dice the chicken once it is cooked and place in a Tupperware / plastic bag with sauce. I used Mrs. Dash Sweet Teriyaki  sauce and one serving size since it was just me eating. Give the Tupperware / plastic bag a shake to get the sauce on all of the chicken.
    • This sauce is a time saver!
  • Add brown rice to half of the pineapple, chicken to the other half garnish with pineapple chunks!




Stay fit,

PS: You can get trim with Jenn 🙂 

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