Exciting News to Share!

I’ve decided to take a big step in my fitness journey…. become a certified personal trainer! This is a chapter I’ve been wanting to begin for a while. I finally got the last little bit of motivation from my BF who said, “Why not? It’s never too late?”

So, I dusted off my NASM textbook and started to study.

I’m nervous for the test because I’m not really a good ‘test taker.’ I have to study, read, make flash cards and the whole nine yards. I learned the first year of college that I needed to develop new study habits. Few years later, ok maybe like seven years later, I graduated from the University of South Florida with a Mass Communications degree with a focus in public relations. It’s been a hot minute since I needed to hunker down and study… let’s just say that.

On Coldplay’s new CD, there is a song that I haven’t stopped thinking about since I heard it. The song is Adventure of a Lifetime and the lyric is, “everything you want is a dream away.” The more I become involved and educated about health, fitness, lifting, etc., the more I want to inspire others to be totally healthy. While blogging, vlogging, etc. I catch myself thinking that I’m working on fulfilling my dreams… to inspire others to be healthy!

Without further ado, cheers to following dreams & studying my arse off!

Keep chasing your dreams,

PS: I am a certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and becoming a certified Personal Trainer will help supplement my career in health & fitness! 

PPS: You can get trim with Jenn 🙂 

About trimwithjenn

My blogging goal is to give you at least one health, fitness and / or wellness tip!

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