Why Do People Eat Kale?

When I tell most people that I eat kale they look at me like I eat bugs.

It’s kale… not bugs! I don’t understand how a piece of green-cabbage-type-leaf can seem so nasty to someone {insert peace signs here lol}? Then I realized… I may have just upped my healthy game… score!

I started to eat kale when I started to eat healthier. I learned that I need to add new and interesting foods to my routine if I wanted to keep my health game strong. So, I saw a kale chip recipe online and gave it a shot {I have a kale chip recipe & video here}. I discovered that I love kale chips! Ever since then I  have added kale to my salads, cooked kale a few different ways and even juiced kale.

Kale is packed with a ton of awesome vitamins and has a ton of benefits. Kale is known for being packed with a ton of vitamins such as Vitamin A,K, C, B6, manganese, calcium, copper & much more. Kale also helps digestion and lower cholesterol. Seriously, what can’t kale do?!

I totally encourage you to try kale if you never have tried it before! Start off your kale journey by making kale chips :). My BF made a stink about trying kale but now he takes kale chips by the handful and he will even eat kale sauteed and juiced!

Making of kale chips:

Kale yeah,

PS: You can get trim with Jenn 🙂 


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  1. I think people get irritated with kale because people go out of their way to point out they are eating kale. It is turning into a fad and they are putting it in EVERYTHING. I have even seen kale in sausage! I mean seriously!? Kale is alright, but people need to stop acting like it is the fountain of youth. I will throw it into my salads, and make kale chips for the kids, but putting it in sausage is where I draw the line…

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