If It Fits Your Macros Challenge!

If it fits your macros {IIYM} is another style of ‘dieting’. You count your macros {protein, fat, carbs} to make sure you hit a daily goal that is fit for your body composition, activity level, BMI goals, etc. Some call this type of ‘dieting’ flexible dieting because you can eat what you want as long as it fits your macros.

If you’re new to the whole eating healthy thing I wouldn’t recommend counting your macros. …more on that here.

However, if you’re looking to spice up your health game then counting calories may be a good next step for you.

As mentioned before, {click here for the low-down} I have a photoshoot that is {quickly} approaching. I want to look good for the shoot but I want to be able to maintain my physique too. I need to capture a physique I can easily maintain since I plan to use the photos as an entry to the modeling industry. {Auditions randomly pop-up so I need to look like my photos!} Also, since I have goals of modeling, I need to really fine tune my diet to see what foods make me hold water, figure out my carb situation, etc. I won’t really be changing my diet for this shoot since I am already a habitual healthy eater but I’ll be adjusting a few things.

So, here we go with counting macros. I’m not totally sure how it will all go but I will keep you posted. One of my IIYM inspirations is from Gilsten Fit. Check out her blog and vlog for IIYM tips and such.

Here is what I’ve prepared for my 6-week challenge:

  • Set up My Fitness Pal account
    • Including recipes for common meals I eat
  • Did research on what macros I need, how to adjust and how to maintain my macros
  • Purchased a food scale from good old wally-world
  • Started to pre-weigh food to get an idea of what to use

I feel ready and pumped for my 6-week cut challenge! Stay tuned for IIYM progress blog, body update blogs, etc.

Happy trackin’

PS: You can get trim with Jenn 🙂 



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  1. Keeping Up With The Gym Rats, KUWTGR

    Looks like we’re both embarking on this IIFYM journey! I will definitely check back to see how it goes for you! I splurged on some Raisin Bran last night-not even something I usually eat but it fit the macro ratio!

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