I’m Engaged!

This weekend is one I will never forget… my BF {of going on 5 years} proposed to me this weekend. To say I’m on cloud 9 is an understatement.

I was 60% caught off guard and 40% suspect that something was up. I kept texting my BFF a few days leading up to it with little hints but never knew for sure. Little did I know, so many other hints were leading up to this weekend months ago!

This is a really cool feeling. I don’t think I’ve stopped thinking about the amount of work my BF put into not only this weekend but the ring and the entire process. He called my dad {which melts my heart} and his sisters and parents were involved in the process {more melting of my heart}. I feel so totally in love right now it’s like we first met all over again {I know… so gushy and cheesy lol}.

Truth be told, I knew from the moment I met him that he was ‘the one.’ We met at the Univeristy of South Florida {both alumni} in Tropical Meteorology {he took the elective to learn more about the weather since he was going to be a pilot and I took the elective because I wanted to be the weather girl {lol}}. There was an extra credit seminar taking place one evening and we both attended. He was already in the meeting hall and I walked and sat right next to him and started talking. I felt this weird feeling, almost as if someone told me to sit in that seat but there were plenty more options. I knew pretty much right away that he was the one…I just knew.

The next four and a half years just solidified the fact that he was the one. Don’t think it was all sunshine and roses because we’ve had our downs but we always knew we loved each other too much to let the other go.

It was all God’s plan. I have one heck of a rocky and broken past that led me to him and I’m so incredibly happy that it happened.

…Now I have a ton of planning to do! Yikes!!!

Cheers to being off topic once again,

PS: I kinda cringed at the fact I posted a picture of my ring on my unpolished nails ….but… oh well haha.

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