How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

There is no way I can sit here and tell you that I’ve always been a health nut. It has taken me at least four years of trial and error to figure out what works and doesn’t work in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I quickly learned, for example, that you cannot out exercise a bad diet. I also learned that building a foundation of good eating habits will be key for success.

There are two big takeaways from my four-year journey that I attribute to my ‘success’. One takeaway is understanding that small steps = long term habits. The second takeaway is understanding that eating boring foods will cause me to eat junk food.

With that being said, below were my steps of building and forming a healthy lifestyle that is realistic to follow.

Steps to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle:

  1.  Maintain a realistic healthy lifestyle by eating intuitively for a period of time
    • This is where you start to break many, many bad habits. All the bad habits you know you should not do {eating Oreos while watching TV}. Work on forming good habits and breaking bad habits. You’ll need to be totally dedicated and ready to make changes.
  2. Fine tune your lifestyle / intuitive eating habits
    • Take the next step in your health journey by fine tuning your options. During this phase, work on reaching daily macros and maintaining a tracking program. Evaluate items that need to be removed from your lifestyle and adapt to other solutions. For example, using coconut oil and protein powder as coffee creamer instead of traditional coffee creamer.
  3. Add another challenge
    • Consider a program such as carb cycling to achieve different results. Carb cycling, like many other acute diet changes, requires intense dedication for success.
  4. Repeat
    • The idea of living a healthy lifestyle is having the confidence of jumping back from eating unhealthy {such as going on vacation} and instill the healthy habits learned previously. The key here is ‘jumping back’. Having the willpower to stop bad eating habits {slip ups} and pick back up the good eating habits. Go back to step 1 and work your way down the funnel.

My wish for everyone is to feel healthy and happy!


PS: You can get trim with Jenn 🙂 


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