My Next Level! and Cellucore are hosting a new challenge, My Next Level. For the next 8-weeks, I will follow a plan from and eat clean. There will be challenges each week from Alex Silver-Fagan and Kevin Alexander {aka: Fitmen Cook}. Alex and Kevin are two of my fitness and health inspiration and they’re the coaches! You can follow my challenge (or do it with me (:  ) for health and fitness updates. I’ll be updating my Bodyspace account daily!

The timing of this challenge couldn’t be at a more perfect time. I just enjoyed a fun, very filling vacation. The vacation wasn’t a week or some sort of extended period of time {actually just 3 nights lol} but it was still taxing. We ate, we drank and we laughed. All good things that should happen on vacation. I also let my body rest from exercise {which was actually just 2 days but felt so much longer}.

A short little vaca won’t hurt you but… only if you don’t let it! I enjoyed my time ‘off the wagon’ and I’m so ready to get back into my health nut routine. So, you can see this challenge is timed so nicely. It’s time to get it together!!!

#MyNextLevel is to fully bounce back from vacation gains and splurges =D

Keeping it real since ’89,

PS: You can get trim with Jenn 🙂 

PPS: Here are some pics of our time on vaca! We went on a road trip from Orlando to Jekyll Island to Charleston to St. Augustine and back. 

PPPS: Comment below if you have any questions about our traveling adventure / things to do! 

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