5 Tips to Shake off a Bad Day

We all have bad days and there isn’t much we can do about it. Today, was a bad day for me.

Life just sort of knocked me on my feet a bit and gave me a reality check. Hey, it happens and in hindsight I probably learned a ‘good lesson’ {which may be how I feel now but it’s not how I felt in the middle of my bad day}.

So, I found myself just feeling overall lousy. Mentally drained, tired and just blah after my situation. I wanted nothing more than to ‘leave work’ {I work from home but you know what I mean} and have a glass of wine. Only thing wrong with that is that I am on day 2 of my new program and new fitness challenge. As meh I was feeling… I was suppose to go to the gym & I couldn’t let this situation ruin what I was working towards!

I shook off my situation and got ready for the gym. Since I started a new plan {details here} everything was all written out for me… no thinking needed. Get ready, show up and do your best. That’s what I did. I went to the gym and finished an awesome workout. I cleared my mind and I feel so relieved.

Go me. 

By ‘shaking off my situation’ I mean I did a few things to remind that me that my bad day really isn’t so bad. I don’t wish a bad day upon anyone but here are some tips to shake off the bad day vibes:

  • Remember that your bad day is someone else’s good day. Here’s a quote I read today:
    • If we all threw our problems in a pile, we would dig back out our own after picking thru and appreciate them a little more after that…..
  • Find a way to make yourself smile.
    • It feels good to smile. Just sit there and force yourself to smile. It works.
  • Find the humor in the situation
    • There has to be some part of the situation that is laughable. Maybe not in a ‘haha belly laugh’ but in a ‘that’s ridiculous chuckle.’
  • Exercise!!!
    • This is so cliche but seriously you should exercise. If you exercise regularly, if you never exercise, if you are sore, if you are tired… get off your arse and exercise. You can walk, you can do yoga, you can do whatever that makes your body move!
  • Write and rip // Stress Reliever
    • Write down why you’re upset and let all those feelings out. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, etc. Just let it all out. Then rip it all up into tiny pieces.

There you have it… some tips to shape up your bad day.

I’ll be starting a series on YouTube about the new challenge {#MyNextLevel} this week so stay tuned 🙂

Turn your frown upside down,

PS: You can get trim with Jenn 🙂 

PPS: Here’s the queen to shaking off all the bad vibes =D.  Consider this tip #6 😉




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