Planning Our Wedding: Blog 1

I’ve been on the fence about starting a series of blogs about planning our wedding and I decided to start it today. {Click here for the blog post about our engagement.} If you’re planning a wedding or if you just like reading about weddings then hopefully this blog series will provide some food for thought, inspiration, ideas, etc. I’m the type of person that gets incredibly excited about things and I always want to share my excitement with others. Instead of overwhelming my friends, family, and fiance with wedding planning updates; I’ll give them all to you!

Planning Our Wedding: Blog 1

To catch you up to speed a bit, Jamie {my fiance} and I got engaged May 2016 and plan to wed November 2017. I’ve learned so much so far….. I’ve learned that weddings can be low budget and easily high budget, there are so many details involved, there are so many people to please and the phrase ‘do what you love’ will be said over and over again.

Some people say you should lock in your venue and such right away.We strongly considered having a wedding with Carnival Cruise  but a few things didn’t work out for us. I began to look at a handful of different venues {Which, by the way, a lot of venues don’t display prices on their website so I’d email them and ask for information. When they responded with packages I would just search the document with ctrl-f “$” to find the prices before considering the venue. I wouldn’t even blink an eye at a venue that would be out of my budget} I quickly learned that I’d like to own a piece of property to host weddings and that venues can be pricey.

My soon-to-be in-laws live on a beautiful lake front home and my soon-to-be Mother-in-law suggested having the wedding at their home. At first, I was hesitant because I feel bad when I ‘put people to work’ on my behalf. After much thought and going over details with my soon-to-be in-laws, we decided to go for it*!

Boom: Venue Done

Another big piece of the puzzle is the dress. Many brides look forward to going to dress shops and trying on dresses with their friends and family. However, I decided to opt-out on this moment. {If you’re wondering if I got a hard time about this…. the answer is yes.} I’ve tried on a lot of fancy and amazing gowns since I competed in the Miss Teen USA and Miss America organizations. Trying on dresses and going to dress shops would be more of a chore for me.

First, I ordered a dress off of but didn’t love it when I got it. It was during this phase of planning our cruise venue was falling apart and now I didn’t like my dress. I found myself settling for the current dress, current situation and losing some wedding planning steam.

I needed to make a change and it was starting with the dress.

It was during this time I was watching a T.V show and loved the outfits one of the main characters wore {How cheesy does that sound? lol}. During one episode she wore this beautiful, flowy, Grecian-styled dress that was breathtaking and elegant. I joked with my Maid of Honor about finding this dress and wearing.

*Insert feverish searching on the Internet*

I suddenly thought of a former co-worker, Emma. Emma and I worked together at Nordstrom and I remember she designed and sewed clothes. After sharing my dress inspiration with Emma, she agreed to make the dress. I was ecstatic. Right now, as I type this blog post, I am ecstatic. Emma finished the dress and it is a show-stopper. I’m totally blown away by the outcome and Emma’s talent. {Connect with Emma if you want her to make your wedding dress for you or if you want her to make you anything!}{Check out Emma’s IG and you may or may not see a picture of the dress.}

Boom: Dress Done

I’ll catch you up to speed on other wedding planning details but for now, check out my wedding planning pinboard on Pinterest to see what I’m up too!

With love,


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