I’m Officially a Certified Personal Trainer!

In another blog post, Exciting News to Share, I shared how I was studying for the NASM CPT? After 6 long months of studying, I can tell you I passed the exam! I’m officially a personal trainer!

If you’re wondering if the exam is as tough as everyone says… it is. It’s a really tough exam and you really need to know what you’re doing before taking the test. The curriculum makes it clear that in order to pass, you need to know what you’re talking about {the textbook alone is massive}. The test has 120 questions and 20 of them are research questions that are ‘freebies’. You’ll have two hours to take the exam {it took me 1.5 hours} and you’ll need to go a testing center.

Here is a quick video covering tips for the exam:

As mentioned in the video above, my study strategy wasn’t a total cram session. I purchased the book before purchasing the exam package which gave me an idea of the curriculum and what I was going to get myself in to. {The book was $40 or so on Amazon.} I purchased the second package which included the book, activity videos, flashcards, 2-pratice exams, and the test ticket. At the time NASM offered $200 off which was a big financial help.

Over the course of 6-months I took every opportunity to look at the material for at least 10 minutes a day {apps made this possible}. I dedicated two full days to cover all the material before testing and I felt prepared the day of the test.

Here are a few general notes about studying for the exam:

  • I read the entire book cover to cover and completed all of the video activities the first 3 months of studying.
  • The remaining 3 months of studying I focused on learning the muscles, the heart, respiratory system and the Optimal Performance Training model.
  • I watched a ton of YouTube videos which helped me further understand the material.
  • Make sure that without a doubt you understand the OPT model in its entirety, overactive and underactive muscles, reciprocal and autogenic inhibition, synergistic dominance, and the cardiorespiratory zones.
  • I downloaded the following apps:
    • NASM Prep by MedPreps {helpful app}
    • NASM Personal Trainer for PES by ATI {this app cost $7 but was 100% worth the purchase}
    • NASM CPT Certification Test by ImpTrax Corporation {this app was helpful}
    • NASM CPT Exam Prep 2016 Edition by Pocket Prep {this app had very difficult questions that were unlike any of the other apps}
    •  Quizlet {searched NASM CPT 4 and randomly took tests which were helpful}
  • The following YouTube videos were super helpful:
  • I made flashcards which help me understand the OPT model and under active / over active muscles.

Comment below if you have any questions!

Happy training,

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  1. Thanks Beautiful … I’m just getting started which I have until June to take the final exam, etc. I appreciate the feedback and taking any and all advice while I’m just starting the course. Currently reading Chapter 3, so I have so much information to study. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

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