Planning Our Wedding : Blog 2

All the ‘fixings’.
The title / topic of this blog post is 100% hinting out Thanksgiving ūüėõ is on my mind

We have more of an idea of the big picture of our wedding now that we have chosen our venue. Without a doubt, we’re going to need a tent and all the fixings. All the fixings are items like lights, tables, chairs, archway and so many others. I’m not going to lie, I was overwhelmed when I thought about all the fixings we needed.

I searched {midly franticly} for the best quote on tents that would serve the location of the wedding. Thankfully, the place with the best quote for a tent also has the best quote for a dance floor, tables, chairs, and linens. The company event created a floor plan of the set-up, which I really appreciated {visiual learner}. Oh, they also have lights for the tent and will install them when they set-up the tent. Lights are really going to be important for an outdoor, evening wedding.

The ceremony set-up is the least of our planning problems. We already know that we plan to drape white and gold fabric from an archway, that we will make {idea on Pinterest}, have white chairs, small olive trees at the start of each row and a burlap and lace walkway.

Here are a few pictures of what we have in mind:

Now that the tent {and most of the fixings} and the ceremony fixings are taken care of,  I can spend more time on details such as wedding colors, bridesmaid dresses, and table settings.

Happy wedding planning,

PS: Wedding Pinterest board has links to these images!

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