How to Choose Protein Powder

One of the first things someone will do when they start their health and fitness journey is find a protein powder. There are a TON of protein powders out there and it’s a bit overwhelming with how many different options there are. Not all protein powder is good protein powder. Some have fillers, others don’t have the right nutritional benefits and some just taste horrible.

Here are a few tips to find the right protein powder for you:

  • Make sure the fat calories are low
    • Try to stay under 10g of fat
  • Make sure the carbs are low
    • Try to stay under 5g of carbs
  • Sugars should be extremely low or not at all
    • Try to stay under 3g of sugar
  • Protein should be super high
    • Try to aim for 23g of protein or higher
  • Read the ingredients label to find items such as BCAA’s
    • Some protein companies will add BCAA’s in their blend to help with recovery and this is a big plus

I’ve been using RIVALUS protein for about four years and I love their blend. RIVALUS makes supplements for athletes and they’re known for supplements that are clean, effective and tasty. RIVALWHEY blend {by RVIALUS} has 3 fast-acting proteins, 2.6g of leucine, 1.6g of isoleucine and 1.5g of valine.

RIVALUS just released a handful of new protein flavors and I’ve gone through all of them in the video below:

Comment below if you have any questions on how to choose a protein!

Keep lifting,

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