How to Fight a Cold in 5 Days

It’s that time of the year for the cold virus to arrive at our doorstep. I totally hate being sick and I’m the type of person that totally shuts down when I’m sick. Call me a wimp or call me smart, your choice. I’m a big believer in taking time to rest whenever you’re sick. Even if it’s a cold, a stomach ache, or something more serious like the flu. Rest is one of the magical ingredients.

My fiance is a pilot and is gone a lot and comes home sporadically. Without a doubt, during this time of the year he always comes home with a cold. Probably has to do with traveling to a lot of different airports, touching all kinds of icky stuff, high-pressure altitudes and what not. I wasn’t very prepared the last couple of seasons BUT this season I nailed it.

Sure, I still caught the cold virus BUT how I overcame the cold virus in just 5 days {really 4 days but I’ll say 5 for good measure} is the big feat. He started to feel icky shortly after arriving home and he wasn’t sure if it was his allergies or a cold approaching. That’s all I needed to hear before I went on a complete cleaning spree {washing the sheets and pillow cases is a big help}, Lysoled everything from door handles to remotes, bought a big container of Airborne gummies, stocked up on carrot juice {by V8}{didn’t have time to juice}{but here is a juicing recipe if you’d like to juice}, and I bought a handful of oranges at the grocery store.

When you live with someone, it’s almost impossible to not catch whatever illness they have. I took all of the proper measures and I still got sick. The day he left was the day I started to feel icky. He was home for about 4 days before I started to feel the virus.

Day 1: horrible {rested all day}
Day 2: horrible {rested all day}
Day 3: horrible {still rested}
Day 4: well enough to leave the house
Day 5: I’m feelin’ awesome

The biggest difference between me getting sick and my fiance getting sick is that I took time to rest. My fiance has been sick for two weeks {as I am writing this, he is sick}{sorry, tootsie}. I totally stopped all activity for three days {including exercise, which pained me}, I ate a lot of soup {drinking broth is magical when you’re ill} and I lied in bed or on the for three total days. I was a total and complete couch potato and it pained me to be still.

Cold over.
On day 4, I was well enough to go to the beach.

Magical ingredients:

  • Cleaned our house {sheets, pillow cases, towels and everything Lysoled many times a day}
  • Airborne {gummies and tablets}
  • Heaps of rest
  • Many hot showers and baths {my mom got my ‘shower bombs’ for Christmas which helped a lot}
  • Broth-based foods {heck, I straight up drank it on day 3}
  • Nyquil
  • Vitamin filled juice {such as the V8 juice}
  • Oranges and other fruits
  • Don’t forget to get a new tooth-brush once you’re done being sick!
  • Did I mention rest?

In the words of Walgreens, be well. 



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