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See what others have to say about getting Trim with Jenn.

“Use Jenn! Trust me! I can’t tell you how glad I am to have embarked on this nutrition adventure with her. Before working with Jenn, I’d been a fairly healthy eater and consistent enough with my workouts. However I didn’t know a whole lot about nutrition. I didn’t know to avoid certain foods or how I should eat foods that have healthy carbs. She made it so easy for me to follow and spent so much time with me going over my individual plan. I not only feel better but I look better too. Jenn allowed me to feel confident when going to the grocery and each day knowing that I am eating the right foods for my body. She’s changed my life and I would highly recommend her. Jenn, keep up the excellent work! You should be so proud of yourself for doing such great things for me and your clients.”

— F.C.F

“I just want to take a minute to share how much Jenn has changed my life. She’s helped me understand how to substitute healthier foods into my diet, the best time to eat certain foods, swapping out ingredients that benefit your diet, and how to prepare healthy items. She’s also taught me how to shop healthy. These last two months have been a blessing and I can’t thank her enough for getting me on the right track. She was always there for me and answered any questions I had. No question was a bad one to ask. She’s always made me feel important and she constantly looks out for my best interest. Jenn, you are such a joy to work with! Thank you for all you have done for me! Keep up the great work with others, because I know you will make as much of an impact on them as you have with me!!”

— A.K

“I am 58 year old woman who has stayed active, so I thought. After a hysterectomy in 2009 I began to put weight on in spite of a continuous workout schedule. By 2015 I had gained 22 lbs. I had tried every diet, went to the Dr. for diet pills, signed up for a 26 week personal training program that was expensive….and nothing worked! So when I saw what Jennifer was doing I met with her as my last ditch effort to lose this weight. She explained to me that exercise was good, but it is the kind of exercise combined with what you are eating that will make the difference. She developed nutritional plans each week that were targeted just for me. I learned to try different things and her recipes are very good. And what a difference it all made….in 6 weeks I lost 14 lbs. Now losing this weight did not come easy, it is hard work – not only exercise but changing how I think about food and consumption. The end result is I feel so much better, cloths are fitting better, and I am eating healthier. ”

— D.L.G

“Trim with Jenn’s nutritional program is amazing! Jenn knows what she is doin’! My husband and I are a month into the 3 month program and we have already noticed a difference in our eating habits and weight loss. Instead of being a “gimmick” plan that promises quick weight loss in an unhealthy way that gives you an amazing dietary plan that is healthy and leaves you full! The recipes are flavorful and vast. Instead of giving you generic recipes, Jenn pays attention to your likes and dislikes and suggests recipes based on your lifestyle and food preferences. Not only does she provide you with weekly meal plans and goals, but she encourages you to reach them in a non-aggressive way. My husband’s work life makes eating regular breakfast and lunches virtually impossible. Jenn quickly caught on to that and set him up with small, quick, and easy to eat food options that left him feeling full and energized. Bye, Bye energy drinks! I am confident by the end of our 3 months, not only will we have healthier bodies, but a new food lifestyle that I can easily keep going.”

— J.T & B.T